Kevin turned Pro in 1982 becoming Canada's first Professional Skateboarder and is still rated as one of the top freestylers in the world. He owns and operates Ultimate Skateboards, Canada's first and largest skateboard distribution centre, as well as Canada'a first skateboard magazine, Concrete Skateboard Magazine. The legendary Richmond Skate Ranch which helped launch several of Canada's top pros was also owned by Kevin, and he was a co-owner of the RDS Skatepark. A member of both the famous Ripping Squad and the Bones Brigade skateboard teams, Kevin is known for his fluid skating style, incorporating complex variations with exceptional foot work.

Kevin helped start and promote the highly successful "Slam City Jam" which put Vancouver, B.C. on the map as a Mecca for skateboarders. With Kevin's success in both skateboarding and the business world he once again brings his knowledge to the table as one of the promoters of the World Freestyle Round-Up.

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